Court List for Michigan DWI / OUIL / OWI Cases

Need help finding out where your DWI / OUIL / OWI case will be heard? Just scroll down to consult this list of courts. For a list of websites forvarious courts in Michigan, please Click Here.

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Counties M-N

Mackinac County

  • 50th Circuit Court
    100 Marley Street
    St. Ignace MI 49781

    Hon. Nicholas J. Lambros, Chief Judge

  • 92nd District Court
    Mackinac County Courthouse
    100 Marley St.
    St. Ignace MI 49781

    Hon. Steven E. Ford, Chief Judge

  • Mackinac/Luce Probate Dist. 6
    100 Marley Street
    St. Ignace MI 49781

    Hon. Thomas B. North, Chief Judge

Macomb County

  • 16th Circuit Court
    Macomb County Court Building
    40 N. Main
    Mt. Clemens MI 48043-5654

    Hon. Peter J. Maceroni, Chief Judge
    Hon. James M. Biernat Sr.
    Hon. John B. Bruff
    Hon. Mary A. Chrzanowski
    Hon. Pat M. Donofrio
    Hon. Donald G. Miller
    Hon. George E. Montgomery
    Hon. Michael D. Schwartz
    Hon. Deborah A. Servitto

  • 37th District Court
    Edward A. Rea Judicial Bldg.
    8300 Common Rd.
    Warren MI 48093-2380

    Hon. Walter A. Jakubowski Jr., Chief Judge
    Hon. John M. Chmura
    Hon. Susan R. Chrzanowski
    Hon. Dawnn M. Gruenburg

  • 39th District Court
    29733 Gratiot Avenue
    Roseville MI 48066

    Hon. Mark S. Switalski, Chief Judge
    Hon. Joseph F. Boedeker
    Hon. Marco Angelo Santia

  • 40th District Court
    27701 Jefferson Ave.
    St. Clair Shores MI 48081

    Hon. William A. Crouchman
    Hon. Joseph Craigen Oster

  • 41A District Court
    40111 Dodge Park Rd.
    Sterling Heights MI 48313-4138
    810/977-6123 X 450

    Hon. Kenneth J. Kosnic, Chief Judge
    Hon. Herman C. Campbell
    Hon. Michael S. Maceroni
    Hon. Stephen S. Sierawski

  • 41B District Court
    1 Crocker Blvd.
    Mt. Clemens MI 48043-2565

    Hon. John C. Foster, Chief Judge
    Hon. William H. Cannon
    Hon. Linda Davis-Vaughan

  • 42nd District Court
    14713 33 Mile Rd.
    Box 6
    Romeo MI 48065-0006

    Hon. Richard D. McLean

  • 42nd District Court
    36540 Green St.
    New Baltimore MI 48047

    Hon. Paul Cassidy, Chief Judge

  • Eastpointe Municipal Court
    16101 9 Mile Road
    Eastpointe MI 48021

    Hon. Martin J. Smith, Chief Judge
    Hon. Norene S. Redmond

  • Macomb County Probate Court
    21850 Dunham Rd.
    Mt. Clemens MI 48043-1075

    Hon. Pamela Gilbert O’Sullivan, Chief Judge
    Hon. James F. Nowicki
    Hon. Antonio P. Viviano

Manistee County

  • 19th Circuit Court
    415 3rd Street
    BOX 484
    Manistee MI 49660

    Hon. James M. Batzer, Chief Judge

  • 85th District Court
    Manistee County Courthouse
    415 Third St.
    Manistee MI 49660

    Hon. Brent V. Danielson, Chief Judge

  • Manistee County Probate Court
    415 Third Street
    Manistee MI 49660

    Hon. John R. DeVries, Chief Judge

Marquette County

  • 25th Circuit Court
    3rd St. & Baraga Ave.
    Marquette MI 49855

    Hon. John R. Weber, Chief Judge
    Hon. Thomas L. Solka

  • 96th District Court
    234 W. Baraga Ave.
    Marquette MI 49855

    Hon. James M. Collins, Chief Judge
    Hon. Patricia L. Micklow

  • Marquette County Probate Court
    Courthouse Annex
    234 W. Baraga
    Marquette MI 49855

    Hon. Michael J. Anderegg, Chief Judge

Mason County

  • 51st Circuit Court
    Mason County Courthouse
    304 E. Ludington Ave.
    Ludington MI 49431

    Hon. Richard I. Cooper, Chief Judge

  • 79th District Court
    Mason County Courthouse
    Ludington Avenue
    Ludington MI 49431

    Hon. John R. Carney Jr., Chief Judge

  • Mason County Probate Court
    Mason County Courthouse
    304 E. Ludington Ave.
    BOX 186
    Ludington MI 49431-0186

    Hon. Mark D. Raven, Chief Judge

Mecosta County

  • 49th Circuit Court
    Mecosta County Courthouse
    400 Elm Street
    Box 822
    Big Rapids MI 49307

    Hon. Lawrence C. Root, Chief Judge

  • 77th District Court
    Mecosta County Building
    400 Elm Street
    Big Rapids MI 49307

    Hon. Susan H. Grant, Chief Judge

  • Mecosta/Osceola Probate Dist. 18
    Mecosta County Courthouse
    400 Elm St.
    BOX 820
    Big Rapids MI 49307

    Hon. LaVail E. Hull, Chief Judge

Menominee County

  • 41st Circuit Court
    Menominee MI 49858

    Hon. John D. Payant, Chief Judge
    Hon. Mary Brouillette Barglind

  • 95A District Court
    Menominee County Courthouse
    839 10th Ave.
    Menominee MI 49858

    Hon. Jeffrey G. Barstow, Chief Judge

  • Menominee County Probate Court
    839 Tenth Ave.
    Menominee MI 49858

    Hon. William A. Hupy, Chief Judge

Midland County

  • 42nd Circuit Court
    Midland County Courthouse
    301 W. Main Street
    Midland MI 48640

    Hon. Thomas L. Ludington, Chief Judge
    Hon. Paul J. Clulo

  • 75th District Court
    301 W. Main Street
    Midland MI 48640

    Hon. James E. Wilson, Chief Judge
    Hon. John Henry Hart

  • Midland County Probate Court
    301 W. Main St.
    Midland MI 48640-5183

    Hon. Donna T. Morris, Chief Judge

Missaukee County

  • 28th Circuit Court
    Missaukee County Courthouse
    111 S. Canal St.
    BOX 800
    Lake City MI 49651

    Hon. Charles D. Corwin, Chief Judge

  • 84th District Court
    Missaukee County Courthouse
    205 Prospect
    BOX 800
    Lake City MI 49651

    Hon. David A. Hogg, Chief Judge

  • Missaukee County Probate Court
    111 S. Canal
    BOX 800
    Lake City MI 49651

    Hon. Frederick S. Krupp, Chief Judge

Monroe County

  • 38th Circuit Court-FOC
    106 E. First St.
    Monroe MI 48161

    Hon. Michael W. LaBeau, Chief Judge
    Hon. Joseph A. Costello Jr.
    Hon. William F. LaVoy

  • 1st District Court
    106 E. First St.
    Monroe MI 48161-2143

    Hon. Terrence P. Bronson, Chief Judge
    Hon. Paul E. Braunlich
    Hon. Jack Vitale

  • Monroe County Probate Court
    106 E. First St.
    Monroe MI 48161

    Hon. John A. Hohman Jr., Chief Judge
    Hon. Pamela A. Moskwa

Montcalm County

  • 8th Circuit Court
    Montcalm County Courthouse
    211 W. Main
    Stanton MI 48888-0296

    Hon. Charles H. Miel, Chief Judge
    Hon. David A. Hoort

  • 64B District Court
    Montcalm County
    617 N. State
    Suite D
    Stanton MI 48888

    Hon. Donald R. Hemingsen, Chief Judge

  • Montcalm County Probate Court
    211 W. Main St.
    BOX 309
    Stanton MI 48888-0368

    Hon. Edward L. Skinner, Chief Judge

Montmorency County

  • 26th Circuit Court
    M 32
    Atlanta MI 49709

    Hon. Joseph P. Swallow, Chief Judge
    Hon. John F. Kowalski

  • 88th District Court
    Montmorency County Courthouse
    BOX 415
    Atlanta MI 49709

    Hon. Theodore O. Johnson, Chief Judge

  • Montmorency County Prob. Court
    BOX 415
    Atlanta MI 49709

    Hon. Robert P.M. Nordstrom, Chief Judge

Muskegon County

  • 14th Circuit Court
    Muskegon County Building
    990 Terrace
    Muskegon MI 49442-3357

    Hon. Timothy G. Hicks, Chief Judge
    Hon. James M. Graves Jr.
    Hon. William C. Marietti
    Hon. John C. Ruck

  • 60th District Court
    Muskegon County Building
    990 Terrace St.
    Muskegon MI 49442-3377

    Hon. Michael Jeffrey Nolan, Chief Judge
    Hon. Fredric A. Grimm Jr.
    Hon. Richard J. Pasarela
    Hon. Andrew Wierengo

  • Muskegon County Probate Court
    County Building
    990 Terrace St.
    Muskegon MI 49442

    Hon. Neil G. Mullally, Chief Judge
    Hon. Gregory Pittman

Newaygo County

  • 27th Circuit Court
    1092 Newell
    BOX 885
    White Cloud MI 49349

    Hon. Terrence R. Thomas, Chief Judge
    Hon. Anthony A. Monton

  • 78th District Court
    Newaygo County Courthouse
    1092 Newell
    P O BOX 129
    White Cloud MI 49349

    Hon. H. Kevin Drake, Chief Judge

  • Newaygo County Probate Court
    1092 Newell St.
    BOX 885
    White Cloud MI 49349

    Hon. Graydon W. Dimkoff, Chief Judge

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